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What is ApolloCoin?

ApolloCoin is a dividend paying ERC-20 token. Our token sale funds will be used to purchase Bitcoin mining hardware and solar infrastructure to power an enterprise Bitcoin mining operation.

Solar Powered Mining

A sustainable Bitcoin mining operation powered by renewable energy will be far more profitable than one relying on purchased energy. Apart from maintenance, we will have nearly zero energy costs.

Bitcoin Dividends

The ApolloCoin ERC-20 token pays a dividend in Bitcoin to every registered token holder. The Bitcoin associated with any ApolloCoin token holder’s account may be withdrawn at any time or through recurring withdrawals as we continue to earn mining rewards.

The ApolloCoin Token (APC)

Only 21 million tokens will be minted. Apart from our presale bonuses outlined below (in the details section) tokens will be sold for 900 APC/ETH. We expect our annualized dividend yield to be approximately 10%.

Global Reach

Without energy costs, ApolloCoin can scale to meet any demands of the Bitcoin mining industry while still remaining profitable and powered by entirely renewable energy. The goal of ApolloCoin is to become the premier Bitcoin mining operation of North America.

Whitelisted Token Contract

To participate in our Presale and ICO, you must first be on our whitelist. Login/Register to begin your account verification. Please keep in mind, we require identity verification for our anti-money laundering initiative and to ensure you receive your Bitcoin dividends.


Important aspects of our project. Check out our the whitepaper for more information.

Bitcoin Mining

Our Comparative Advantage

Cutting Edge Infrastructure

Sustainable Design

Mining Hardware

Our Predicted Profits

Token Sale

Our ERC20 Token


The Future Of ApolloCoin

How To Get Involved

Purchase ApolloCoin Tokens


  • 15 November 2018 at 8AM CST

    Presale Begins

    Complete the verification process to take part in our presale and receive up to 100% additional tokens! Our presale only lasts 24 hours or until we receive a maximum of 600 Ether.

  • 16 November 2018 at 8AM CST

    ApolloCoin ICO

    Our ICO will be live on the Ethereum mainnet 24 hours after the conclusion of our presale.

  • February 2018

    Purchase Mining Hardware

    Mining hardware will be purchased within 3 months of the conclusion of our ICO. Powered by diesel generators, we will begin mining as soon as possible while committing to cleanup efforts to offset our negative environmental impact.

  • January 2020

    Complete Solar Installation

    Our renewable infrastructure will be live within approximately 1 year of our ICO and we will begin migrating our mining hardware to our new facility. Our first dividends will have been paid by this time.

  • December 2020

    Fully Renewable Mining Operation

    Our mining operation will be fully powered by renewable solar energy and fully operational. See our whitepaper for additional information on profitability, costs, and long term returns from token purchases.

  • December 2021


    After completing a single solar powered mining facility, we will expand our solar installation with by adding a second location.

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Nicholas Menefee

Nicholas Menefee

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Denver Brittain

Denver Brittain

Lead Software Engineer

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Marketing Director

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